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What is Macramé ?

Macramé is knotting technique that may be millions of type and also a stylish craft technologies'

In the meantime, this macramé technologies has got lot of popularities in past few years. Many talented designer specially girls artists are coming forward and showing their talent and pioneering this craft technique. You can find variety of wall décor, bags, plant hangers and other accessories at online platform.

This macramé technology was got disappear in many of years however this craft technology was always a passion for some of the artist and doing practice this make you a perfect artist. Anyone who is somewhere interested and love craft can learn easily this art and start doing business as well. Using this art you can make multiple handcrafted product and sell it offline and online as well. Some of the pictures below that wecey’s designer has crafted. This art can be started anytime when this art become a passion for you.

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