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Wecey welcomin the worldwide reseller for macrame product..

Yeah ! Sounds good.

We at wecey decided to go with our reseller partner worldwide after seeing the response in bulk order query. is already started delivering our customers worldwide and in between bulk order from any part of the world. It's good for our reseller partners as well to sell the product in good margins. Team wecey is continuously following up with the query and started doing collaboration with our partners.

As a brand we are stick with our brand and whatever the product are listed on will be sold on the name of wecey only. But if any of our partner want to sell on their own brand and name, team wecey is ready to prepare the product as per requirement.

So, we are going to open a reseller page at where we will be having all the information about reseller and reseller product. Also we are ready to produce any macrame product according to the requirement.

Thanks for reading the blog. Check out for our wide range of handcrafted product.

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