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Why Wecey is creatively different

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Wecey tag line is creatively different. But the question is how ? Read this blog to understand the concept of

wecey ( is a online shopping site that serve their customer by product that team wecey prepare by hand only, means most of the product are handcrafted. Every product that is getting prepared in wecey are monitored by their main designer and founder Sonia Rana. She used to check the quality of every product and then only is listed on site.

Premium quality bags (i.e sling bag and laptop cover) are

specially designed by main designer only. Wecey don't use any leather and plastic in any of the product in in packaging and shipping. Means, this is the main forte of wecey while end to end supply chain- at the time of preparing any product to packaging and shipping we take care about the environment as well. Wecey uses only eco-friendly items and product are also eco-friendly.

While crafting any product in wecey, our team understand the customer requirement and treat self as a customer then thing about the product, once team members are agreed that the product is really useful then only we start listing on .

We will keep upating our blog about our company next step and future plan using this blog. Wecey will be coming with many of the usefull product with premium quality that our customer need.

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